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Audley Primary School provides a safe and exciting environment in which our children exhibit pride in themselves, their school and their community.

Our children’s achievements in all aspects of life are celebrated and they are taught to aspire to be the very best learners, workers and members of society. We expect all of our children to contribute to the values which underpin our very foundations. These are respect, honesty, kindness, generosity, perseverance, politeness and resilience. Our children care for themselves, each other and their environment. It is through these values and the support of our whole school community that we ensure enjoyment, happiness and academic excellence.

Education is a partnership between parents, children, governors and staff and each element of this partnership is important. Co-operation between home and school is vital if the children are to develop and achieve success – we look forward to working with you to foster and develop these values and ambitions. If you ever have a problem please come to see me or your child’s class teacher as soon as possible and we will do all that we can to resolve the matter.

Mrs H Wheeldon - Executive Headteacher



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The drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust has been established through a shared belief that lives can be transformed by what goes on in schools. We believe that the process of teaching and learning shapes futures. To this end our mission is to give every child learning experiences that excite them and give them the power to begin to shape their own lives.One Aim drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust will ensure that all pupils achieve the highest standard of educational outcomes regardless of circumstances or background.

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